The production process begins with arrival of our vessels that provide refrigerated raw material which is unloaded through a suction system; fish is next transported to two reception containers with 250 ton capacity each.

Through spiral transporter and bucket elevator, cookers are fed, and fish is cooked using indirect vapor.

After that, with the same spiral transportation system, the cooked fish is sent to the pressing area where a pressed slab is obtained and it is sent to the drying process, press liquor is directed to decanters through stainless steel pipes.

At the dryers, extraction of humidity from the pressed slab and the solid matter from decanter is completed, next it is put through mills, additive application and finally fishmeal is packed in bags.

The beginning of the process to obtain fish oil, starts when the liquid from the decanter goes to centrifuge, which separates fish oil from stickwater.

Next, fish oil is sent to storage tanks and stickwater is sent to the evaporation plant to obtain the fish soluble concentrate.

Currently, improvements have been made to the plant with the purpose of meeting environment requirements; the objective is to actively participate in reduction of any impact on the environment.